Pelotea: A sports platform that integrates coverage for medical expenses in case of injuries

The sports management platform that protects athletes with embedded personal accident insurance, a unique and innovative solution in the sports industry as a successful case of integrated insurance.

Engaging in sports activities can carry the risk of injuries. On one hand, Pelotea is a platform that connects and safeguards athletes. On the other hand, Pelotea stems from the notion of the difficulties inherent in traditional sports management. Its proposal is grounded in the digitization of sports management, with two main pillars: the sports management platform and personal accident insurance.

Currently present in Ecuador and Mexico, the platform boasts over 30,000 active users and 200 sports organizations. To distinguish itself from the competition, Pelotea sees a significant opportunity in creating a scalable business model by integrating and marketing personal accident insurance to its clients and users.

What were the main benefits of InsureHero?

  1. Easy-to-integrate APIs with clear and precise documentation.
  2. Access to multiple insurers through a single integration.

  3. Automation of all policy management processes, as we had monthly enrollments and cancellations.
  4. Detection and prevention of insurance misuse or ‘fraud’ through an intelligent system.
  5. Real-time visualization of all data regarding insurance product performance, claims status, and loss ratios, among others.
  6. Legal and regulatory guidance and support.

As a result of this collaboration, Pelotea has achieved:

  • Converted over 20% of its monthly active users into individuals protected by medical expense coverage.
  • Sold over 15,000 personal accident insurance policies.
  • Managed more than 500 claims annually.
  • Automated policy management.

Pelotea is an innovative platform revolutionizing how sports academies and leagues manage their activities and protect their players. The collaboration with InsureHero has allowed Pelotea to overcome the challenges of marketing personal accident insurance, offering clients a comprehensive solution that not only generates monthly revenue but also fosters user loyalty and retention.

If your platform has the potential to integrate embedded insurance and you’re ready to take the next step to increase your revenue, retain your users, or protect your assets, get in touch with us!

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